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A blog devoted to all Girl With a Pearl Earring things: the movie, the book, the painting, and Vermeer's art. Enjoy!

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Johannes Vermeer, Woman reading a letter at an open window,  c.1658

Have a chuckle or two :) 
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Girl with a Pearl Earring.
limited edition prints:
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Now You Know (Source)

Of course, before Skittles and jellybeans, they were used for paint (at least in Vermeer’s time)…
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My take on The Girl with a Pearl Earring. With Anne Hathaway as Catwoman of course ;D. There aren’t many actresses I like but I just love Anne dksjfdfsd.
For our final assignment we had to make a parody of a classic painting, so I picked this, since she does steal a pearl necklace in the movie (SAME DIFFERENCE COUGH COUGH)

It’s okay that you hate hair, I do too! SO COOL!
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